Chocolate lover, professional performer, educator, small but mighty, wedding photog, family photog, and everything else photog...  I LOVE getting behind the camera and doing my THANG! I love my family, puppies, babies, traveling, meeting new people, learning about healthy living (#lymewarrior), and giving back to the community. I specialize in photography for individuals with special needs.

A few fun facts about me! I spent my college senior summer in Cuba and have traveled as far east as Lithuania. I love super duper dark organic chocolate (#lilychocolate) with a scoop of organic peanut butter, but #Nutella is a close chocolatey side-kick. I've only had one personal pet, our beloved "Pupito," a spritely Pom-Terrier Mix who is now Pup-President of the Heavenly Hound.  My first job ever was a gymnastic coach at the YMCA and my last "official" job was Vice President for Administration at a small private college in NC. Getting to take pictures of our boys as a part of my job as a photographer/#momboss is the best.thing.EVER. And if I could start a business anywhere in the world, it would probably be Prague!

Did I mention that I am also a service member spouse (over 15 years!)... Directly impacted by the transitory nature of the military life,  I appreciate the sacrifices military families have to make. It is my aim to honor military families with terrific package upgrades. Send me an email and we can talk about special upgrades just for you!

People often ask me how long have I been doing photography. I have been working professionally in the Arts Field since 1999. I've toured Regionally & Nationally with several professional theatre companies, always with the aim to share stories that impact lives. I furthered my education with a  Master's degree and an Ed.S degree in Leadership (Old Dominion University).  But, I've always had an interest in photography as well as leadership- coaching. When we moved to the United States Military Academy at West Point, I asked for a camera as a push-gift.  As my family expanded, I made the natural transition to expand my skills as a photographer, and I have loved every minute of it! I love the personal connections I've made and that I can have a meaningful impact on my community.

When it comes to photography, your choice of photographer is an important one; it’s akin to choosing who will narrate your story. Let me tell your love story!