Thank you for stopping by! While I’d much rather be able to sit down with you in real time and get to know you better, this cyber-introduction will have to do for now!

Some fun facts about me. I am a lover of: dark chocolate, the beach, Fixer Upper (the show, not actually trying any DIY projects at my house!) babies and puppies. I moved often as a military kid, and even though I never thought I would marry into the military life, that is exactly what I did! I studied abroad in Europe, lived as an ex-pat in Lithuania, and I am currently enjoying my life as a full-time photographer in the DC Metro.

My journey to my current landing place in the creative industry began years ago as a theatre major and professional performer. I’ve toured regionally and nationally with many different theatre companies and then rounded out my career with the pursuit of jobs in the educational leadership arena. (M.Ed & Ed.S Old Dominion University – Go Monarchs!) After the birth of our sons and moving to United States Military Academy West Point, I began exploring photography. A match made in heaven, photography and coaching have been my “happily ever after.”