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Coaching & Classes

I’m a bit of a liberal arts junkie, but my most recent work has been on the Doctoral level in Leadership Development. Thus, I’m passionate about helping others expand their skills and find joy in their creative outlets. I offer classes and virtual (& in person coaching) coaching at a fraction of the cost of taking a course from your community college. I use a professional curriculum which covers the basics of exposure to other topics like careers in photography and composition.

Contact me if you are interested in taking better family photos, want to capture quality images for your products/blog to showcase on Etsy and Social Media. Drive traffic to your site with stellar, creative images. Children welcome! Pricing starts at $149 and is subject to change. Already understand manual mode and exposure? Ask me about my Apprenticeship Program!

 "This class was amazing. A great introduction to photography and I loved the hands-on practice portion." - Kim G.